Katira Women's 7/8 Length Compression Tights

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Katira - New Product
Don't be fooled by the cheap Polyester compression wear!
Katira is made out of the same factories as the major brands but we do direct to save you money!
Products are in Australian warehouse (100% Australian owned company)
With less and less time for exercise it's becomes more and more important to recover faster and more effectively. If you are an elite athlete you require 110% out of your body.
The katira research and development team have spent the last two years addressing muscle fatigue and recovery across triathletes, runners, cyclists, and even horse riders. The latest full length compression wear from Katira is designed to maximise performance during and after all exercise and wider activities. Full Nylon and Spandex construction is designed to keep you warm and assist with blood circulation, while removing moisture away from the skin as fast as possible.
Increased blood flow means faster delivery of nutrients to the muscle and quicker removal of waste products which create fatigue and tightness post exercise.
Benefits of Katira Compression Products:
Reduced Muscle Oscillation
   (Stopping micro damage caused to the muscle by shake on impact)
Increased Circulation
   (Increased blood flow means faster delivery of nutrients to the muscle, and a quicker removal of waste products)
Increased Muscle Power Output
   (Delivered by the elastic and supportive properties of the fibrecell fabric)
   (Keeping your body at its correct operating temperature)

Moisture extraction technology
Minimizes Lactic Acid Build-up
Katira seam technology help prevent rubbing & chafing
Minimize recovery time
80% Nylon 20% Spandex

X large   38 – 40 inches
Large     36 – 38 inches
Medium  34 – 36 inches
Small     30 – 32 inches
XS          26 – 28 inches
XXS        20 – 24 inches