Compression Universal Socks - Travel, Post Operation

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Compression Universal Socks - Travel, Post Operation

Compression Universal Socks - Travel, Post Operation

Katira Compression socks improve athletic performance and endurance by reducing muscle vibration.

Other benefits:
- Improves blood circulation 
- Helps to prevent injuries
- Provides relief from feeling tired and aching legs
Compression Sports Socks - Skiing, Snowboarding, Mountain Biking, Hiking Details Colour: White
With less and less time for exercise it's becomes more and more important to recover faster and more effectively. If you are an elite athlete you require 110% out of your body.
If your a traveler you can not afford to have time feeling tired. Increased blood flow means faster delivery of nutrients to the muscle and quicker removal of waste products which create fatigue and tightness post exercise, or periods of no movement.

Benefits of Katira Compression Socks:
Reduced Muscle Vibration
Graduated compression reduces the build up of lactic acid
Reduce the chance of DVT on long flights
Ankle protector stabilizes the ankle and optimally supports the feet's function.

72% Nylon 28% Spandex

Size Chart:
Male:     Medium -   7.5 - 10  (US)
             Large -     10.5 - 12 (US)
             X Large -  12.5 + (US)
Female: Medium -  5.5 - 7.5 (US)
             Large -        8 - 10.5 (US)
             X Large -  10.5 + (US)