Compression Socks Benefits

              Say goodbye to Pins and Needles!!           

Sore feet?

There is nothing worse than being on your feet all day especially when you have corns, 
calluses, pain in the balls of your feet, ulceration or just plain sore and aching feet.

If you are like most people, you simply live with it, maybe trying plasters, pads, insoles
and other such products from the Chemist, including expensive medications, but nothing
seems to work - does this sound familiar?

You're not alone

A staggering 400,000 people in Australia suffer from heel pain alone and it is anticipated
that over 80% will experience it at some point of their life, and that figure doesn't include
our arches, Achilles, ball of foot, toes, and so on. Image if your sore and aching feet actually
did become a thing of the past? Well. now it can be with our best selling Compression Socks.




You'll never wear another pair of socks again!

Injuries, overuse, or medical conditions that cause inflammation involving any of your bones,
ligaments or tendons in the foot can all contribute to foot pain. Arthritis is also a very common
cause and damage to the nerves of feet can result in intense burning discomfort, numbness and
tingling (Peripheral neuropathy)

Protect and soothe your feet

Your feet are the work horse of your body, No other part takes as much impact and pounding
during the course of your life as your feet! So it's time to protect them with the new
Katira Compression Socks. These socks were specifically designed to increase the level
of blood flow through the entire foot, assisting in the removal of waist and assisting in
the recovery of aches and pains.