About Us

Katira was created in Melbourne in 2010 and is dedicated to designing, developing and delivering high quality sporting apparel direct to active people. The genesis of the business was in compression garments, which still today remains the core focus of the range. For too long other leading industry brands have taken advantage of this growing market by inflating the product prices, due to limited market competition. This is where Katira comes in.

Katira was borne to deliver exceptional high standard products, without the price tag to match. Through operating a lean supply chain operation, and cutting out the middle man, Katira is able to provide great products directly to customer at affordable rates.

Katira is focused on progressive partnerships within the sporting and wellness industries and working with clubs and clientele to continue to meet the needs and wants of its customers and exceed expectations, every time.  

The Katira research and development team have spent the last five years analysing muscle fatigue and the recovery process of athletes including; triathletes, runners, cyclists, swimmers, footballers and skiers. The products are testament to the results of this research and the range is now available domestically and globally. Some key insights into this research are as follows; .

  • The latest full-length compression wear from Katira is designed to maximise performance during and after activity.
  • The complete Nylon and Spandex construction garments are designed to keep you warm and assist with blood circulation.
  • The garments are designed to increase blood flow meaning nutrients are delivered faster to the muscles and a quicker removal of waste products, which creates fatigue and tightness post exercise.

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